14 Commonly-Asked questions about Running

There are so many questions & confusions when you start running. You are not sure about the run time, breathing habits etc – while are very important to boost your run. We have tried to cover some of the frequently asked questions about the running. The answers will help you feel more confident and ready to get started with running.

Question 1: What should I wear when running?
Answer: Wear proper cloths as per the climate. Important is shoes, good pair of shoes are very important.
Never wear Cotton, your skin is highly likely to chafe when wearing cotton. Technical fabric has to be lightweight, high performance fabric designed to move moisture away from the skin. Materials such as nylon, polyester or Lycra is useful.

What should I wear while running

Question 2: Can I walk during running?
Answer: Yes you can. Walk of 80-100 meter in between will increase your strength & distance. Remember, mixing walk with the run is not cheating.

Question 3: How should I breathe while running?
Answer: Important question! You should breathe through both your mouth and nose when you’re running. Your muscles need oxygen to keep moving and your nose simply can’t deliver enough.

You should exhale through your mouth and try to focus on exhaling fully, which will remove more carbon dioxide and also help you inhale more deeply.

Question 4: How do I get rid of pains?
Answer: Pains generally happens while you start running. Gradually increase your speed & distance, don’t put much pressure on your body and mix walk with the run. It’ll help you to go ahead with less pains.
In order to reduce it, always go for stretching before starting your run. Stretch your body whenever your have time, cross train yourself.

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Question 5: How fast should I run?
Answer: Entirely up to your body type. Don’t push yourself hard, gradually try to improve. There is no fix speed but always try to improve your record.

Question 6: Should I eat before running?
Answer: You can have light food something like Apple, Banana 20-30 mins before the Run. I would recommend always to have a banana or half Apple before 20 mins of your run. It’ll help you to fight fatigue.

Question 7: Should I focus on speed or distance?
Answer: Stick to the routine first. If you are running regularly, then try and increase your distance first – at least 10% of the previous day. Then gradually focus on the speed.

Question 8: Should I run everyday?
Answer: No, always take a break maximum after 5 days. I would recommend you to have break after 4 day run.

3 basic things while running

Question 9: Best time to run?
Answer: Routine is important instead of time. You can run anytime, just maintain your meals accordingly, there has to be a gap of 4 hrs. between heavy meal & Run.

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Question 10: How to find right running shoes?
Answer: Always take the shoes with good grip & light.

Question 11: Where should I run?
Answer: Try to run in the park on Grass – best option or on the running track. If this is not available, you can run on the road too. But always choose plane surface without much bumps & holes.

Question 12: How to get Rid of a Side Stitch?
Answer: Try gently pushing your fingers into the area where you’re feeling the stitch. Also, try altering your breathing pattern. Take a deep breath in as quickly as you can, to force your diaphragm down. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds and then forcibly exhale through pursed lips.
If you get a cramp in the middle of a run, you might want to try changing your breathing/striding pattern. If you always exhale when your right foot strikes the ground, try exhaling with the left foot strike.

If all else fails, you may have to stop and walk briskly for a few seconds while concentrating on deep breathing. Continue running after the stitch goes away.

Question 13: When I will be able to run half marathon?
Answer: Don’t run Half marathon without 3 months of training. Minimum training of 3 months with 4 days a week is required to run half marathon effectively.

Question 14: How do I know how far I’m running?
Answer: Use running Apps. You’ll be able to track the distance & time. Also, the kilometer/miles split with variation in the speed. Here are some of the Apps you can use – Best Running Apps

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