3 tips for the runners during the COVID-19 outbreak

The current situation for the entire world is tensed and scary. But we all have to face this problem with all the possible courage and support. In the majority of the countries, there is a lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak and I strongly recommend everyone to stay home for your safety and for others.

For the Runners, the current situation is very itchy coz they are away from their daily dose, I understand that it’s frustrating sometimes but we have to figure out the options if we can’t go out and run.

I wanted to highlight the things I’m during this lockdown. Here are 3 tips for the runners during the COVID-19 outbreak –

1) Spot Running:

Wear your running gear and feel that you are out for the running. Pick a suitable place at home, plug your earphone and start running on a spot. Slowly and steadily, try to lift your legs as high as possible. The more you increase the gap, the intense it’ll become. Do at least 2 sets, 15 mins each. Your Calf, Shin & Thigh muscles will remain active by regularly doing this exercise.

2) Rope Jumping:

After spot running, take 5 sets of Rope jumping, try to reach at least 50 reps in the first set and increase it by 10 reps going forward.

It’ll keep Toe, ankle, knee & Hips in motion and maintain the flow.

3) Pranayama Yoga:

It’s a breath control practice, which will improve your mental health and immunity. You have to include four major pranayamas in your daily routine –

  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Kapalabhati pranayama
  • Anulom-Vilom pranayama
  • Bharamari pranayama

Do all these pranayamas after spot running & rope jumping, spend only 5 minutes on one pranayama and see the results.

These three activities are enough for all the runners to keep the momentum going. All the sets will take 60-75 minutes of your day and maintain your body the way you were maintaining earlier.

img source: fitpass.co.in

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