4 reasons of fatigue while Marathon training

It’s always to good to push yourself while training for a marathon and set higher & advance goals but one has to know about the body limits in order to avoid the overtraining situation.

Overtraining can lead to fatigue and can hamper your training schedule and goals. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the signs of fatigue after overtraining but it can be managed to an extent by knowing the reasons of fatigue while marathon training.

Here are 4 reasons of fatique while Marathon training –

1) Improper Hydration:
Dehydration will surely lead to Fatigue. Replacing of water you have lost during trainaing is very important. Oe has to take at least 2-3 litre water each day. One need to consume about 1 litre of water for every 1,000 kcal you consume during the day. Drinking tips while Running.

2) Lack of Sleep

3) Insufficient Post Run Re-Fueling

Essential Running Nutrition

4) Low Vitamin D & Iron Levels

vegetarian foods for marathoner


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