5 best cross training exercise for the Runners

Cross-training is essential for runners to prevent overuse injuries that are associated with repetitive impact activity, such as shin splints as well as hip, lower-back and knee discomfort.

Here are 5 simple cross training exercises which will help improve your running technique & stamina.

Quick Feet Squatting:

Do it for 30 sec in the first rep. Do it as quickly as possible.


Do it on a daily basis, one of the most recommended exercise for the Athletes. At least go for 30 Push-ups in the first rep.


Another simple & important exercise. Do 20 sit-ups in the first rep.

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Walking Lunge:

It’ll help in strengthening the knee muscles. Do at least 20 in the first rep.

Jumping Jacks:

There is a fun involved in Jumping jacks and it’s a full-body workout. It’s good for the heart and bones. Do at atleast 50 in the first rep.

Repeat all the exercise for 3 rounds!

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