5 important things to know for new runners

Believe me, running is fun with lots of benefits. There are couple of things one has to remember to make the running routine more interesting and result oriented.

Here are the 5 important things to know for new runners:

1) Stretching is the key: Proper stretching before & after the running is very important. It’ll increase the muscle flexibility and helps keep your overall body in motion.

2) Daily running is not essential: Sometimes running on a daily basis may lead to fatigue, just avoid it. Running 4 days in a week is sufficient, the 3 days gap will help in muscle recovery which will increase the potential in long run.

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3) Walk-Run combination: This is the mantra to increase stamina & potential. Walking while running is not cheating. Always mix your run with walk if you are not comfortable. It builds a strong base.

4) Wear proper outfit & comfortable shoes: The fabric for the running has to be light, breathable and should absorb sweat. Shoes also play an important role, make your decision effectively, it has to fit properly and should have provided decent comfort. For women runners, sports bra makes a big difference. Always go with a good sports bra.

5) Ignore minor pains: In the beginning, everyone faces lots of resistance from the body in terms of false pain or side stitch. Never afraid of such things, completely avoid it and keep running.

Always remember these things and you’ll never face any road block in achieving your desired result.

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