5 ways to avoid tragedy in running marathons

Running marathon is very satisfying and it gives you lot of self confidence & courage. But sometimes due to some reasons your marathon may turn into unfortunate incident. The chances of a runner falling ill increased if they were over 35, with coronary heart disease or a viral infection being a common cause of death.

Research shows that more than 50 per cent of injuries occurred in the final kilometre or so as runners pushed themselves harder to claim a faster time.

Tragedy while running marathon

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Here are 5 ways to avoid tragedies in running marathons –

1) Keep your fitness level high. Take out time for exercise regularly. It’ll lower the possibility of injury.

2) Training is the key factor: 10km runners should train at least two or three months ahead of a race, while full marathon runners should train five times a week over a one-year period and half marathon runners the same over six months.

3) Go for a body check up 1 week before the marathon.

4) Take appropriate water, nutrients before & while running. It’ll keep you hydrated & strong.

5) Don’t over-push yourself, also stop immediately if you are feeling uncomfortable.

A study by Baptist University found that one third of the event’s 10km runners risked their health by not doing a single day’s training in the 12 months leading up to the event.

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