6 best tips to improve Running technique

It’s always good to use proper running technique in order to avoid injuries & go longer with good run rate. The overall balance of the body is very important whether you are running long distances or short distances.

Here are 6 best tips to keep in mind in order to improve Running Technique or running form –

1) Proper Landing of the foot:
“How your foot lands against the ground” is the most important technique of Running. Try to avoid landing on Heels, Heel landing may cause pain to the knees and hips. Forefoot or Midfoot landing is the recommended technique, it’ll prevent from bone injury.

2) Look Straight with straight torso:
Look straight while running, not only improve the technique but also balance the body and reduce neck strain while Running.

3) Avoid Longer Strides:
The Legs has to be beneath the body. Remember that longer strides will not result in faster finish time.

4) Relaxed shoulders
Relaxed shoulders while running is a good technique.

5) Hands & Arms in relaxed mode

6) Knees has to be slightly bent

There are the some best tips for proper running form or perfect running form.

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