5 important components for effective running

How you run – is an important question everyone has to ask while running. There are various advanced level techniques to improve running and make it injury free.

major marathon technique

Here are a few important components for effective running which will improve the performance and reduce injury probability –

  1. Running posture: Your posture while running is very important. Poor posture not only restricts the circulation of blood to your muscles and organs but also restrict the oxygen supply to your brain.
  2. Leg Motion & flow: Always avoid over striding, it may lead to hamstring stiffness & poor circulation in your legs.
  3. Mental focus: Above everything Mental focus is supreme, it’ll help you run faster, farther & injury-free.
  4. Breathing Habits: Oxygen is what your muscles use to convert stored fuels into usable energy.
  5. Proper bend in your knees & elbows: The less you bend your arms and legs, the more work your muscles have to do when you’re running. An arm or leg that is bent at the knee or elbow will swing much easier than one that is straight.

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