Commonwealth Games 2018 – Marathon Results

The dramatic collapse of Callum Hawkins, from the Scotland, handed a victory to defending champion Michael Shelley on the Marathon event of CWG 2018 in Gold Coast on 15th April 2018.

Helalia Johannes from Namibia wins the marathon at the Commonwealth Games 2018 in Women’s category.

CWG Marathon 2018

Commonwealth Games 2018  is the XXI Commonwealth Games. The host city was Gold Coast, Queensland. It was the fifth time Australia had hosted the Commonwealth Games. The weather was the decisive factor during the marathon at CWG 2018, the Sun was warm and Temp was touching 27C.

Here are the results of Commonwealth Games 2018 Marathon (Gold Coast 2018 Marathon)

Marathon – Women’s Race
Helalia Johannes (Namibia) 2:32:40 Hrs
Lisa Weightman (Australia) 2:33:23 Hrs
Jessica Trengove (Australia) 2:34:09 Hrs

Marathon – Men’s Race
Michael Shelley (Australia) 2:16:46 Hrs
Munyo Solomon Mutai (Uganda) 2:19:02 Hrs
Robbie Simpson (Scotland) 2:19:36 Hrs

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