Distressing moment of Commonwealth Games Marathon 2018 – “Collapse of Callum Hawkins”

Callum Hawkins from Scotland collapsed after completing 39 km in Commonwealth Games Marathon event. He was leading the pack at the time of the collapse. He fell to the ground once, but got up and continued running until collapsing again at the 40-kilometre point. Despite several attempts, he was unable to regain his feet.

The collapse of Callum Hawkins is due to the Heat Exhaustion. The Temp was touching almost 30 degrees on the race day which was almost 6-7 degree hotter than the previous day.

Callum Hawkins collapsed

Commonwealth Games organisers were criticised badly for not providing timely medical assistance to Hawkins, who was not attended by paramedics for several minutes – Some says there was a delay of 15 minutes.

The irony was that when Hawkins was struggling on the floor, the people were staring and taking pictures instead of providing the help.

Marathon experts condemn delay in treatment to collapsed Callum Hawkins. Women’s world record holder in Marathon Paula Radcliffe tweeted that there were “big questions” for the local organising committee and medical staff. “That should never happen”.

The race was won by Michael Shelley from Australia, who was criticised for completely ignoring Hawkins when he was struggling on the floor. Shelley went past without a second glace.

Pic credit: BBC

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