How to improve Running – 5 best strength training exercises

Strength and core training is greatly beneficial for the runners, it helps in improving the overall body movement which futher improve running performance.

Here are some of the 5 best strength training exercises which will help you improve running speed and stamina.

Lunges: It helps in strengthening the muscles of legs inclusion of quads, hamstrings, calves & glutes. Bodyweight lunges, Lateral lunges & Walking lunges are the preferred options which help in improving running.

5 best strength training exercises for running

Planks: It’s a core strength exercise for the strengthening of your back, chest, shoulders, neck, and abs. All the mentioned parts are most active during running, working on these parts will surely help in improving running performance.

Crunches: It’ll help you build your core and abdominal muscles. Running is highly dependent on spine & abdominal muscle so keeping it engage is essential. Normal crunches and Side heel tough cruchees is the recommendation in order to improve running.

Leg raise & Leg cycling: It’ll not only strengthen your core but also enhance stability, balance and flexibility. All these parameters are important to enhance running, especially when you are running on various surfaces like grass, sand, mountain trails, treadmill, road, etc.

Squats: Helps in increasing Leg power, which is by far the best piece for the runners. Squads will greatly improve running speed and stamina for long distance races. Strongly recommend to do Squats to improve running.

With the completion of 5 best strength training exercises which helps to improve running, it’s always better to track the impact. Tracking will also help you analyze the individual impact.

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