How to shift from Walking to Running after 45

Switching from walking to running and running to walking before 45 is comparatively very easy but it’s a tedious task when you have crossed 45.

Your body is weaker than earlier and it’s difficult to adopt new changes at this age when you are not much active in the early years.

Here are some basic tips which will help you in shifting from Walking to Running –

– Go for walking on a daily basis for 4 months at least 5 days a week.
– Increase your walking kilometers on a weekly basis.
– While walking enact as if you are Running, hand has to be half folded but don’t run. Do it after completion of 3 months.
– After 4 months, your walking kilometer has to be more than 8 km.

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– After that start mixing your walk with run. For initial 1 month – gradually increase your running % to 10.
– Try to increase more than 10% every month for next 3 months. By the completion of 4th month, you’ll achieve 50-50.
– Keep on increasing the Running % regularly.
– Make sure that in order to maintain the above routine, the water and nutrients has to be in proper order. Do consult your nutrition expert on this.
– Take sufficient rest in order to fight muscle soreness.
– Never push yourself to unacceptable number. Slowly and steadily increase your pace.
– Cross train yourself.

Try these points and make a mark!

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