List of Olympic gold medal winners in Women marathon

The marathon event is in the Olympics since 1896 but it was shaped in 1921 and after that it’s a prominent part of Olympics. Surprisingly women were not the part of Olympics marathon till 1984, the category was included in 1984 at Los Angeles marathon.

The first women to win Olympic gold medal in the marathon was Joan Benoit of USA. Although, Arlene Pieper was considered as a first woman to officially finish a marathon (Pikes Peak Marathon, Colorado, USA) in 1959.

Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia holds the Olympic women’s marathon record, she achieved it in London Olympic 2012 with a time of 02:23:07 hrs. Tiki Gelana is also an Ethiopian national record in the marathon with her personal best of 2:18:58 hours.

Tiki Gelana - Olympic record holder
Tiki Gelana

Here is the complete list of Olympic gold medal winners in Women marathon since 1984 –

Games Marathon Winner (Women’s Race) Time (hrs) Country
2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics Jemima Sumgong 2:24:04 Kenya
2012 London Olympics Tiki Gelana 2:23:07 Ethiopia
2008 Beijing Olympics Constantina Tomescu 2:26:44 Romania
2004 Athens Olympics Mizuki Noguchi 2:26:20 Japan
2000 Sydney Olympics Naoko Takahashi 2:23:14 Japan
1996 Atlanta Olympics Fatuma Roba 2:26:05 Ethiopia
1992 Barcelona Olympics Valentina Yegorova 2:32:41 Russia
1988 Seoul Olympics Rosa Mota 2:25:40 Potugal
1984 Los Angeles Olympics Joan Benoit 2:24:52 USA

Jemima Sumgong, winner of 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, became the first female winner from Kenya in Marathon event of Olympic.

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