Running & Walking Etiquette in the park

Park is the place where lots of people gather for Running, walking, playing, yoga etc. Individual discipline is very important especially for the one who is using the running/walking track.

Here are some of the points everyone has to keep in mind while running/waking in the track of the park.

  • Run/Walk on your left

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It’s very important to run on the proper side of the track. One has to follow the Left side of the track. This was you will not block the path of runners/walkers coming from opposite side. Sometimes your ignorance may cause a serious injury to runners.

  • Don’t run/walk side by side in the park

Talking while running/walking is a good check of stamina but it doesn’t mean that you will block the way of the individual coming from opposite direction or from your back. Taking up all the room and stopping people from going past is absolutely not a good etiquette.

  • Be patient while crossing elderly people

    You have to take care of it. Especially Runners, they feel bad if there is a brake in the momentum but it’s important to have patience. Slow down if you can’t get by.

  • Toddler’s care

Role of Parents/Guardians is very important here. Keep a close watch on toddler moves, teach them not to go towards running/walking track. There sudden presence may harm Runners because of the brake in the momentum. Also, it may injured toddlers.

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