Some important things every new Runner should know

There are so many confusions & questions while starting Running or participating in 1st marathon event. Here are 10 important things every new runner should know, I have compiled it based on my experience.

1) Don’t use cotton fabric. Cotton is not a good fabric for Running.

2) Taking a walk break is not cheating. Always mix your run with walk if you are not comfortable. It’s always good built a strong base.

3) Wearing a right running shoes is very important.

4) For women runners, sports bra makes a big difference. Always go with good sports bra.

5) Never afraid of Side stitch and remember you won’t get side stitch from drinking water while running.

6) Running won’t give you license to eat everything. Choose your diet properly.

7) Some point you’ll get injured. Be ready but always take precaution.

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8) Always run against the traffic. You can avoid mishaps.

Run Aganist traffic - Important thing to know

9) It’s OK to throw the cup on the ground during a race. You don’t have time to follow standards in the race so don’t feel bad about it.

10) Always wear your Marathon T-Shirt after completion. It’s a huge encouragement.

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