Ways to increase the pace while running

Once you finish your 1st marathon, the bug of incresing pace comes in. It is slightly tough but can be done by coming out from comfort zone.

Here are the ways to increase the pace while running –

Water Running:

It’s a great form of cross training and an awesome way to deal with the injuries. It’ll greatly help in increasing the pace of a runner and decrease the risk of sustaining injuries.

Stair Running:

Running up stairs forces you to work against gravity, building strength & power hence helps in increasing the pace. Stair running targets some of the major muscles of the body like glutes, quads & calves.


One of the best ways to increase the pace is 30-seconds sprint training. The short sets of 30-seconds sprint improve muscle health and performance. It is better than cycling for the runners who want to increase the pace.

Image source: Youtube, NYtimes

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