Why legs are tired & heavy while running – 5 common causes

Keeping your legs refreshed is very important in running. Lazy legs or Heavy/tired legs may reduce your pace, acceleration and hence the interest.

Here are 5 common causes of why legs are tired & heavy while running –

Stretching routine:

It’s necessary to stretch all the important parts of the body like back, hips, glutes, quadriceps & hamstrings. If you are not doing pre & post stretching properly, you may feel heaviness in the legs. Stretching is the key.

heavy legs while running
picture source: theinsider

Intense Training:

Overburden not only impact the performance but also slow your body. One has to prepare the plan and strictly follow the same. Otherwise, legs feel heavy when running.


Sometimes Low carb diet & Iron deficiency can also lead to heaviness in the legs. Track your diet on a daily basis.


While running you lose a lot of fluid through sweat and not drinking enough water & supplements can also lead to heaviness. Hydration is supercritical during long runs.

Proper rest and sleep:

Proper sleep & rest is as important as regular training and nutrition. One has to take 6-8 hours of minimum sleep every day.

By taking care of abovementioned things you can prevent heavy legs while running.

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